1282The marma taping which I got done at Padmanilayam from Dr.Bhat had immensely helped me in getting relieved of the 4 years suffering of the shooting pain from lower back to the knees. Thank you and God bless you Doc.

Mrs. Kasinath, retd.higher secondary teacher, Chennai

1282“Since 2007 I had frequent head ache due to migraine. Consulted quite a few Allopath doctors including Neuro physician, but could get only temporary relief. Getting a referral from my husband’s colleague, we consulted Dr.A.Rangaprasad Bhat,BAMS in Chennai. He diagnosed my condition on Ayurveda principles, did Marma chikitsa through taping and prescribed a few Ayurveda medicines. After 2 months of the treatment, I got some relief and could carry on my daily household chores. And after 6 months, I was totally relieved from my migraine. I owe thanks to Dr.A.Rangaprasad Bhat for getting relieved of the migraine. By God’s grace, we got a family physician for us now, in him”.

Mrs. Sujatha Bhaskaran, House wife, Chennai”