ULundhu KaLi – A Protein Rich Healthy Recipe For Kids


ULundhu the vernacular name of Phaseolus mungo is known as mASHa in Sanskrit and black gram in English.
Ayurveda holds mASHa in high esteem and categories it under jIvanIya (enlivening) group of drugs.

The BhAvaprakAsha quotes that Phaseolus mungo is a spermatogenic agent (shukra krt), bulk promoter (brhmana), strengthens the uterus and helps in conceiving (garbhaprada), promotes breast milk secretion (stanyakrt), strengthens the kapha dosha (kaphakrt) and alleviates pitta + rakta (pitta rakta hrt) as it’s pharmacodynamic action 1.

Nutitional value of Phaseolus mungo :-
Black gram is very nutritious 2 as it contains high levels of,
Protein (25g/100g),
Potassium (983 mg/100g),
Calcium (138 mg/100g),
Iron (7.57 mg/100g),
Niacin (1.447 mg/100g),
Thiamine (0.273 mg/100g), and
Riboflavin (0.254 mg/100g)

In the regions of Tamil Nadu, the practice of administering uLundhu kaLi, to the girl who have attained puberty is in vogue as a tradition for centuries. The tradition believes that the uLundhu kali stengthens the uterus, augments the breast tissues, relives the abdominal cramps and the low back ache experienced by the little girl taken aback with the new physiological events of menstruation occcuring in her physique. The recipe being sweetish in taste gets the co operation of the kid, being a strong reason for the tradition of uLundhu kaLi to be in vogue even in the modern era.

Facts about Palm jaggery aka karuppaTTi vellam  :

Palm jaggery is quite popular in the Southern states of Tamil Nadu (called Karupatti vellam or pana vellam), Karnataka (it is called thaati bella in some places and Olebella in Mangalore, which is believed to be the best), Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. In the South Indian families of the coastal region of Mangalore and also the Keralites of the Malabar coast, palm jaggery has a big role. It is used in the preparation of delicacies like payasams and neyyai appams. Mangaloreans use the same to prepare puddings and sweets. In temples, it is distributed with banana, or a bit of coconut, as prasadam. In Kolkatta city, West Bengal state, it is an important ingredient in sweets like Payeesh, Nalan gurer sandesh and Nalan gurer moa 3.

Nutritional composition of palm Gur is 4:-

Protein – 0.35%,
Fat (ether extraction) – 0.17%,
Minerals – 0.74%,
Carbohydrates – 90.60%,
Calcium – 0.06%,
Phosphorus – 0.06%,
Iron – 2.5 (mg/gm),
Nicotinic acid – 5.24 (mg/100 gm),
Vitamin B1 – 24.0 (mg/100 gm),
Riboflavin – 432.0 (mg/100 gm) and
Vitamin C – 11.0 (mg/100 gm)2

The preparation of uLundhu kaLi requires the following ingredients to be kept readied.

wp-1479939021599.jpgUlundhu / black gram – 50 gms

Arisi / Raw rice – 50 gms

Podittha Karuppati vellam / Powdered Palm jaggery  200 gms

Water – 200 ml

Nallennai / Gingelly oil – 30 ml

Nei / Ghee – 30 ml

NalapAka of uLundhu kaLi :-

The prescribed amount of black gram (with black husk) is taken in a frying pan and is fried without adding any oils for a few minutes until the smell and flavour of the black gram could be smelt. Care is taken not to char the black gram. The fried mASHa is taken out from the pan and kept for getting cooled.
Later along with the prescribed quantity of the rice, the fried uLundhu is ground to a fine powder with the help of a mixer, and kept aside.

The powdered karuppaTTi vellam is mixed with hot water and dissolved. Then the dissolved mixture is filtered to ger void of dust and sand particles if any be present and transferred to a clean vessel.

The pan is once again washed, to which the dissolved palm jaggery solution is added, follwed by 30 ml of gingelly oil and heated in a simmered flame. When the jaggery solution gets boiled, the podered mixture is added slowly over the center of the pan, simultaneously mixing it with the solution with the help of a karaNDi (spatula).

Keep the spatula placed inside the pan amidst the steaming mixture and close the pan with a lid to let the process for next 6 to 10 minutes. The flame should be maintained at a simmered level to avoid the recipe getting charred.

Upon completion of 10 minutes the pan is taken fom the stove and the mixture is thouroughly mixed and let down to cool off.

To the cooled mixture of recipe 30 ml of ghee is added, mixed and a round globule of the kaLi measuring the size of a gooseberry is prepared and stored in a clean vessel devoid of moisture for use.

Partaking a globule of the sweetish uLundgu kaLi in empty stomach or half an hour before food will be beneficial.


1.जीवनीयगणः प्रोक्तः शुक्रकृद्बृंहणो हिमः ||५०|| गुरु: गर्भप्रदः   स्तन्यः कफकृत् पित्तरक्तहृत् |तृष्णां शोषं ज्वरं दाहं रक्तपित्तं व्यपोहति ||५१|| भावप्रकाश-पूर्वखण्ड-मिश्रप्रकरण – ४. गुडूच्यादिवर्ग —जीवनीय गण ।।

2.”Mungo beans, mature seeds, raw”. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. US Department of Agriculture.

3.. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
Vol.12 (4), October 2013, pp 714-717

4. Vengaiah PC, Raju MS, Prasad KR & Kumari KU, Food
from Palmyrah palm (Borassus flabellifer L.) present
practices and scope, Proceedings of the National Conference,
Tirupathi, India, 24-25 January 2011, XXIV National
Convention of Agricultural Engineers, 162, 2011.

Disclaimer: This recipe is not a substitute for medication to the  medical conditions getting mentioned in the article, but a food supplement which is complimentary to the healing process. This article is just for educational purpose.



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