Most of the cases of leg pain seen by us in our clinic were found to be having a pre disposing factor of cause in “not following the rules of ergonomics based on the kinesiology of the muscles & bones.”

Maintainance of proper posture plays a very important role in the treatment for pain of the extremities.

The physical ergonomics along with the knowledge of kinetics of the skeletal system when applied in vogue along with the  Marma chikitsa & internal medications has improved the quality of  life of the health seekers.

A few of the postures which if avoided has been observed to be  benefecial in cases of Grdhrasi (Sciatica), Sandhi vata of knee & Spine (Osteo arthritis), ITBS (Ilio tibial band syndrome), Pyriformis syndrome etcetera to name a few.

An illustrative image of the 4 postures adviceable to be avoided are presented below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The marmas exhibiting the variable symptoms in variable persons have been numbered & mentioned in commonality, over two of the images in the above slide.




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