Perandai Thuvaiyal – Useful for bone strength, Gastric ulcer, Intestinal worms

In the regions of Tamil Nadu the Cissus quadrangularis is known by the name Perandai.

Ayurveda  holds that the Perandai, which is referred as Asthishrnkhala, is an useful remedy when prepared with other ingredients as a bone setter, blood purifier, deworming, pile mass shrinker etcetera. 

It is a medicinal plant it’s been used in Ayurveda since the time of Bhavprakash nighantu written by Acharya Bhavprakash in 16th century, the plant beneficial for healing the fracture of bone. The plant also documented in Ayurveda for treatment of Osteoarthri-tis, Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporo-sis. 

Rasa– Madhura

Guna – Laghu, Ruksha

Vipaka – Madhura

Veerya – Ushna

Doshaghnata – kaphavata shamak.

Karma: Dipana( appetiser), Pachaka (digestant), Raktashodhaka ( blood purifier), raktastambhaka ( arrest bleeding), Bhagna- Ashtibhagna ( it uses in bone fracture healing). Krimighna – It eliminates the Krimi ( work in worm infestation),Arshoghna – It helps to cure piles. Akshirogajit – It used in ophthalmic disease.Vrushya – It is aphrodisiac. Courtesy:. _/\_ PHARMACOLOGICAL REVIEW OF CISSUS QUADRANGULARIS LINN – Dr.Seema Atram.

Given with the above brief information about the herb, lemme come back to Perandai Thuvaiyal now.


Perandai stem – 250 gms

Grated coconut – half coconut

Tamarind – Q.S / 20 gms

Salt – Q.S

Black gram – 5 tsp

Black gram, mustard, coconut oil for seasoning – Q.S


The outer rinds of the cuticle of stem of Perandai is to be sliced and separated and then should be chopped into smaller pieces.

Add 5 tsp black gram + chopped perandai + 20 gm tamarind  + quantity sufficient of coconut oil in a Kadai vessel and start frying it in a simmered flame over stove for few minutes until the Perandai gets fried and turn little golden in color. At this juncture add the grated coconut and continue frying for another minute or two and allow the fried mixture to cool off before proceeding to grind.

Later add quantity sufficient of water along with salt to grind the Perandai mixture in a mixer  into a fine paste of thuvayal. Season the paste with black gram and mustard. If necessary little asafoedita too can be added to complete the recipe.

The Perandai Thuvaiyal is now ready to be served to six persons. 

Mixed with rice and coconut oil thuvaiyal if consumed at the  start of the meals would be beneficial.

Disclaimer: This recipe is not a substitute for medication to the  medical conditions getting mentioned in the article, but a food supplement which is complimentary to the healing process. 


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