Menthae Thambuli -An Udupi Recipe of Body Coolant

Menthae in vernacular language , Tulu of the Udupi coastal belt refers to the Methika or Fenugreek.

Being a sour tasting, coolant recipe it derives the adjective Thambuli as it’s name.

It is useful as an adjuvant to medicines taken in conditions like stomatitis, peptic ulcer, burning micturition, leucorrhea and body heat.

Ingredients required :

Menthae aka Fenugreek seeds – 20 gms

Butter milk (sour) – 200 ml

Salt – q.s

Saasvi, jeeraka, curry leaves, coconut oil – Q.S for seasoning.

Nala paka method:

Soak the Methika aka Menthae seeds in water for half an hour.

Later grind it in a mixer to get a soft pasty consistency. While grinding foam gets formed which is natural.

Transfer the paste to a wide mouthed vessel and add the sour butter milk slowly. Use a laden or table spoon to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Add quantity sufficient of salt and finally mix the seasoned mustard,cumin and curry leaves.

The Menthae Thambuli is now ready to be served to 2 persons to be mixed with rice and eaten.

If served at the start of the meals and partaken, the purpose gets addressed in conditions like stomatitis and body heat.

Disclaimer: This recipe is not a substitute of medication for conditions mentioned but a food supplement complimentary in the healing process.


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